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Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner (12 oz)


12oz. Moisturizing Conditioner w/Mango Butter, Hydrolyzed Quinoa Proteins, Coconut Milk Babassu OilTreat your hair with this exclusive blend of Mango butter to nourish your hair, while Hydrolyzed Quinoa proteins add strength and elasticity. Our special blend of natural oils, essential oils, vitamins and coconut milk will help to add hydration, balance and promote natural luster, body and shine to the hair...

Cool Mint Beard Oil


Our cool mint beard oil is our go to for any beard-lover who is also a motivated professional. The cool, crisp scent is an ambitious one, and also has antiseptic properties, keeping you clean and mean for that next business meeting. Babel Alchemy is home to the finest beard oil that is officially in the highest demand. We spent a long, long time formulating our beard...

Fresh Hair Oil


100% natural conditioning oil for healthier hair. Perfect for all hair types. Blended with six luxurious hair-loving oils and five beneficial essential oils, our Fresh Hair Oil is formulated to help moisturize, revitalize, condition and nourish all hair types. We highly recommend coating your hair with our Fresh Hair Oil 1-2 times a week for stronger, shiner, and healthier hair....

Moringa & Manuka Honey Conditioning Nectar


GLYCERIN FREE Rinse-out or Deep Conditioner This great humectant rich rinse out conditioner is an excellent glycerin free concoction for your dehydrated kinky, curly, wavy and transitioning tress. Packed with natural emollient oils, Mango Butter, botanicals and extracts, this conditioner will leave your hair detangled, soft and conditioned. Our Moringa and Manuka Honey Conditioning Nectar can be used as both a rinse-out...

Passion Flower Shampoo Bar


This solid shampoo bar is a gluten free version for those with sensitivities. You will receive (1) 5 oz bar of shampoo.Treat your hair to a handcrafted shampoo bar that not only cleanses, but also nourishes and softens as you lather. Most commercial shampoos contain harsh synthetics that ‘cleanse’ by stripping your hair of everything, including natural oils. That not only...

VIP-Clean Cotton Pads for Eyelash 30 pcs


Clean Cotton Pads for Eyelash Makeup Removal Wipes