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Detox Face Mask


Ingredients: 100% Natural Bentonite Clay.Benefits: Skin detoxing healing clay. Deep pore cleansing. Prevents breakouts. Anti-aging properties leaves skin smooth and glowing. How to enjoy your clay: Mix 1 tsp. clay with 3 tsp. water/rose water to form a paste. Apply a thin layer to your face. Let dry for 5 min. for sensitive skin and 10-15 min. for other skin...

FEG Natural Eyelash Growth Enhancer


This all-natural lash growth serum stimulates hair follicles for eyelash growth by providing essential nutrients. The ingredients help to strengthen the eyelashes and curl naturally. Also works on brow growth. There are no harmful components or side effects. Ideally, initial results should show in 2-3 weeks.    Detail: Brand: FEG Net Weight: 3 ml Size: 4.7in/12cm Color: Transparent Ingredients: Purified water,...

Premium Handmade Soap - Lavender Patchouli


Enjoy the rich and natural ingredients of this handmade soap bar. It is made with moisturizing oils like olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil and shea butter to keep your skin soft and moisturized.  Directions: Apply evenly. Reapply as needed. For external use only. Do not use on broken skin. Stop use if rash and irritation occurs.  Ingredients: Olive Oil,...

Cinnamon Honey and Almond Soap


Cinnamon Honey and Almond - an unscented scrubby soap bar with a natural scent of it's own because of the cinnamon, honey and almonds. The crushed almonds provide a nice exfoliation. The natural scent reminds me of granola.This listing is for (1) bar of soap. Each bar weighs between 4.5 and 5.5 ounces.Ingredient list: Olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil,...

Cambrian Blue Clay Soap


Ready for a change in your skin? The unique composition and age of the Cambrian Blue clay makes it a very rare and highly valuable clay among all cosmetic clays. Russian scientists suggest that Cambrian Blue Clay has up to 5 times higher mineral content than the Dead Sea Mud. This bar makes a great facial soap as well as an all...

Sandalwood Turmeric Soap Bar, No coconut oil, No


Sandalwood Turmeric Soap - part of my new line of bath and body products that do not contain coconut, palm or olive oil for those with sensitivities.There is a long list of skin care benefits associated with turmeric, it helps heal and prevent dry skin, keep skin supple and improve skin’s elasticity. Turmeric is used daily by East Indian women...

Fairchild's Chocolate Soap


Fairchild's Chocolate Beauty Bar, decadent with real chocolate essential oils Feel the difference with cold process soap. Our handmade plant based soap is a sublime experience made from raw ingredients your body will love.  Your skin will be left soft after each experience.    Key  ingredients and why you'll love it! - A delightful blend of essential oils, herbs, shea butter and olive...

Vegan Eyelash Foam Cleanser


HIEYELASH MAGIC FOAM SHAMPOO CLEANSER Eyelash Extensions will last longer with the proper preparation of both the products being used and also your natural lashes. Natural oils and makeup debris will diminish the holding power of any eyelash extension glue. This foam cleanser is perfect to wash makeup and lashes before application. Many will also use the revelation primer on...

Anise Soap


Anise goat milk soap bar / Face and body use: Its unique aroma is considered an aphrodisiac. Moisturizes and softens oily skin. Thanks to its healing properties, it helps the circulation and reaffirms the skin. It helps to eliminate bad odors.

Rosemary Soap


Rosemary goat milk soap bar / Face and body use: Scrub with properties that contribute to the treatment of acne and scars. Its qualities contribute notably to the reduction of stretch marks and cellulite while reaffirming the skin. It helps improving circulation.

Solid Aromatherapy Lotion Bar Tube


This solid lotion bar / massage bar is scented with pure essential oils.Heat from your body melts just the amount you want as you rub it in your hands then into your skin where needed.Works beautifully on dry elbows, knees and feet. Here are some great uses for these lotion bars:Hand creamBody LotionSolid PerfumeCuticle ButterMassage OilFoot SalveSay goodbye forever to...

Organic Moisturizing Body Wash


A truly luxuriant, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from certified organic ingredients gentle enough use on face, body or hair. Infused with essential oils for a clean, fresh scent. Cleans, moisturizes and protects your skin. Ideal for babies, sensitive skin and people with allergies.No harsh chemicals, additives, colorants, or other ingredients, just pure derivatives from plant sources. Great...

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